ECOEDGE MDF mouldings and jambs are designed for interior use only. They should not be used in situations where they will be exposed to water, prolonged humidity or high temperatures, e.g. showers, saunas, bathrooms and laundries. When ECOEDGE MDF mouldings are to be used in direct contact with concrete or masonry, a damp-proof course must be used.


Mouldings can be nailed, glued or installed using a combination of both nails and adhesives.
Nailing: For 12mm thick profiles, fix using 40-50mm brads or panel pins. For 18mm thick profiles, fix using 60mm brads or panel pins.
Adhesive: Mouldings can be glued using most commercial brands of adhesive.
All joints should be mitre cut and glued during installation. For best results we recommend mouldings are installed using a combination of nailing and gluing.

Finishing and Painting

Un-painted Mouldings
  1. Fill nail holes and any indentations with an interior filler and lightly sand smooth.
  2. Apply one coat of acrylic interior sealer or acrylic interior undercoat, allow to dry and sand smooth as required.
  3. Apply 2-3 coats of premium water-based enamel, lightly sanding after the first coat if required.
NOTE: Always follow the paint manufacturer’s instructions on the paint container.

Painted Mouldings
  1. Fill nail holes and indentations with an acrylic interior filler and lightly sand smooth.
  2. Check the machine applied coating is smooth and even, lightly sand as required, and spot prime any bare areas.
  3. Apply two coats of premium water based enamel lightly sanding between coats if required.


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